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Friday, July 8, 2011

L8 Higher Thinking Skills through IT-Based Projects

          "Thinking skills" has become a generic phrase used to encompass many processes involved in learning and problem solving. Different researchers and curriculum specialists have emphasized different processes. Teaching of thinking refers to the direct instruction of thinking skills and strategies. Teachers should be aware of definitions and distinctions among various thinking skills, introduce skills directly as lessons and incorporate thinking strategies into content areas.
          The four IT-based projects conducive to develop higher thinking skills and creativity among learners are:

I        Research-based Projects
          The teacher steps out of the traditional role of being an expert and information provider while the students find facts and other information on their own. Unless if it is necessary, the teacher may step in and help supply the needed information of her students. The flow of events may start when; the teacher determines the topic of the class, the teacher presents the problem, she finds answers to the problem presented and students organize their information based on the problems presented.
          * Centrail principle: Make the students go beyond the textbook and curriculum materials”.

II       Simple Creations
          In developing an effective material, creativity as an outcome should not be equated with ingenuity. Creating is more consonant than planning, making assembling, designing or building. It is said to be a combination of skills such as analyzing, synthesizing and promoting. In order to develop creativity five key tasks are recommended this include; defining the task, brainstorming, judging ideas, acting and adopting flexibility.

III     Guided Hypermedia Projects
          It has two approached these are instructive tool using a power point presentation to present a topic, while the second approach is through communication tool using a multimedia presentation.

IV      Web-based Projects
          In this aspect, students made a post on the webpage in a given topic. The only problem with this by the average students is that its too sophisticated and time consuming for them especially if they don’t have any materials needed to make the activity. On the other hand, posting their works on web can be a tool to noticed their skills because it constitutes a wide range of audience.

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